Julie Niblett – Author

Julie Niblett was born in California, grew up in Hong Kong, and currently lives in Pennsylvania. She is a mom and a grandmother. 

Julie has been teaching and mentoring children most of her life. As a child, she loved listening to her parents read aloud to her; today, reading children’s books aloud is one of her favorite pastimes. When Julie became a grandma she started writing stories of her own. 

“Julie” means “youthful spirit” and her spirit embodies that. Through the influence of her father who was a communication expert, Julie has a passion for guiding people in effective communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution. 

Julie loves nature, music, and often plays her Native American flute on walks in the woods. She also loves creating art, teaching piano, reading and writing.

THE ARTIST – Jennie Freet was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and currently lives in Tennessee. She comes from a family of artists and craftsmen, so naturally she became an artist too. When she is not drawing or painting, she enjoys hiking in the Smoky Mountains and making music with her friends. All of the drawings were created with primary- colored pencils—red, yellow, blue, and white

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