The Talking Stick

Based on the true story of a native American boy who uses a tool from his cultural heritage, the talking stick, to navigate effective communication in the face of bullying

The Book

Nathan’s Story

This book is for Nathan and all children who have been

May we as a society – fellow human beings making
our way on the path of life – treat each other with respect, love,
and care.

May we appreciate the unique beauty of each soul.

May we listen and understand with our hearts.


What People Say

As a parent, I loved the gentle and interactive approach of this topic through the use of story telling, art, and connection with each other during the circle time

Linda Hamilton

The kids in my class absolutely LOVED this presentation!! The author, Julie, a teacher herself has such a beautiful way with relating to the kids on a difficult topic. Each of the kids’ talking sticks came out really well – and they loved having something “so cool” to take home

Ms. Wells, Public School Teacher

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Host a Presentation

Host a 45 minute – 1.5 hour presentation given by the author which includes either a demonstration of, or group activity of making a Talking Stick as well as a circle discussion about bullying that includes using the Talking Stick. For more information click here

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